What is The Great Game?


  • The next level of Awakening

  • The true heroic journey

  • Navigating humanity away from the cliff edge

  • The greatest mystery of all time



You will know if you are called

Are We the ones that we’ve been waiting for?


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“If we are the ones we have been waiting for where will we discover the solutions

to the challenges we now face both personally and collectively?

My own experience suggests that the clues to the solutions exist within ‘The Great Game’, last played successfully by our ancient ancestors. That the clues we will discover as participants will require us to take a leap of both faith and consciousness but that our ultimate purpose is to discover them”


 ‘Navigating The Great Game’ – online group

I’ve created the ‘Navigating the Great Game’ online group so that we can explore together the incredible mystery of the Great Game and the purpose of our journey within it. I will also reveal the insights gained from my own journey within The Great Game.

Together we will explore questions such as…

  • What is ‘The Great Game’ and what is it’s purpose?
  • Why is something as significant as helping alter the course of humanity and the planet described as a game?
  • How do you play it – what (if any) are the ‘rules’?

  •  How will you know if you have entered ‘The Great Game’?
  • How can StillFlow help you prepare for ‘The Great Game’?
  • How can entering ‘The Great Game’ make sense of the feeling you have had that ‘there must be something more to life’ or ‘what is my life’s purpose’?
  • Who and or what is participating in ‘The Great Game’?

  • How can your journey in ‘The Great Game’ help guide humanity away from a cliff edge?
  • How does ‘The Great Game’ make sense of concepts such as Awakening, spirituality and consciousness?
  • What is the meaning and purpose of ‘lucid living’?
  • What can you do to deepen your experience of ‘The Great Game’?
  • How does ‘The Great Game’ redefine our understanding of the nature of reality by merging previously separate concepts such as fact, fiction and mythology?
  • How does ‘The Great Game’ redefine such fundamental concepts as time, history, life and death?

  • How can The Great Game open up an extraordinary two way interaction with the previously hidden forces of creation?