What is StillFlow?

StillFlow is a Guide to a new way of being


It helps you understand that everything you experience, yourself included, is part of a single, inter-connected energy source which responds meaningfully to your thoughts and intentions.

StillFlow helps you align your life experience with this understanding by:-

  • Healing your relationship with yourself – by releasing limiting self-beliefs and old emotional baggage.
  • Opening your heart to access your compassion for other human beings and all living things.
  • Restoring your most fundamental relationship with the Earth itself – the being without which we would have no life at all.



StillFlow helps you reconnect


  • Have you ever had the feeling that ‘there must be something more to life than this’? 
  • Well… there is – but most of us have been prevented from experiencing it.
  • StillFlow helps change that by giving you information and techniques to free yourself from the state of disconnection which your old beliefs  have created.
  • It helps you to reconnect with your true essence, to heal yourself and to deepen each and every one of your relationships.
  • It enables you to experience a state of connectivity, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance that transforms every moment of your life.


 StillFlow reflects ancient scientific knowledge about the nature of reality


  • In recent times we have come to know this ancient science as ‘spirituality’ or esoteric teachings.
  • Scientific research is now confirming these ancient truths about the nature of ‘reality’ and our place within it.
  • The reality it describes is very different to the one we have been taught.
  • StillFlow helps us understand this ancient wisdom and to live in alignment with it.
  • Choosing to adopt this new way of being can literally transform our lives and our world.

StillFlow prepares you to enter the most magical and mysterious relationship of all … THE GREAT GAME…