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Many years ago my life was transformed by a series of extraordinary experiences and profound teachings.  The most significant result of those experiences was a deep personal healing from a state of disconnection and emotional crisis I had experienced since childhood.

I had begun my healing journey at a very early age not out of curiosity but out of a deep sense that things simply weren’t right in me or in the world around me. It wasn’t until a series of coincidences led me to realise that I was part of an inter-connected energy source that my life was transformed.

I later learnt that this ‘new’ realisation was not actually new at all. That it had formed the basis of ancient esoteric teachings for many thousands of years only to become distorted, ridiculed and surpressed in recent times. I came to see that these so called ‘spiritual’ teachings were actually describing a different scientific understanding of the nature of reality from the one we are currently taught and that our modern scientific community is itself now confirming the essence of these teachings.

At it’s heart this ancient science suggested that everything, ourselves and are thoughts included are part of a single inter-connected energy field.  Once we accept that or at least experiment to see what happens when we live as if it were the case everything in our life experience is transformed.

I realised that in aligning our way of being in the world with this newly remembered ancient truth had the potential to heal ourselves, each other and the world which we create together. That the suffering we see in the world around us is simply a direct mirroring of the suffering and limited beliefs we hold within us. My own experience showed me that people and situations could be literally transformed once I stopped imposing my own set of beliefs and judgements upon myself and others.

What is crucial to realise here is that this new way of being doesn’t simply open up the pathway by which we can transform ourselves, it most certainly does that but it also  leads us to experience for ourselves how the world around us is inextricably linked to who and how we ourselves are. Once we transform ourselves the world around us literally aligns to our transformation. Therein lies the potential for planetary transformation, But it start with us, each and every one of us.




StillFlow is a bridge to that transformation, freeing ourselves from the limitations of our old way of thinking and allowing us to realise a whole new way of being..

Already, many of you could be experiencing a state of unrest, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, perhaps even despair at having to endure such disconnected  lives in a self-destructing world. You may be asking questions such as – What can I do to feel better? – How can life be more meaningful? What can I do to make a difference to the world I see around me? Everything seems to be falling apart but what can I do fix it?

So are you ready to accept that you have within you the power to change everything – in your own life and the world around you? To know that you matter more than you ever imagined? If so… it’s time…to reconnect… to realise who you really are and why you are here and to work with the power of your intention to… to regain the meaning and the joy and the purpose in your own life and to help to turn humanity away from self-destruction and towards conscious evolution.



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