Something extraordinary is happening ...

... as humanity faces increasing challenges to survive ...

... a new way forward emerges ...

... the chance to transform ourselves ...

... to open our hearts ...

... to reconnect to our true selves, to each other and to the earth itself ...

... to realign to the cosmic flow ...

... and to heal our suffering world ...

... and ultimately to enter the most extraordinary experience of all ...

...the Great Game



 Where fact, fiction and mythology meet


past, present and future collide

Transform Your Life and Your World with StillFlow


Every single one of us is now facing the greatest challenge and opportunity of our lives. We have the chance to become a different type of human being – a conscious co-creator of our selves, our lives and the world around us. It’s time to understand the true nature of our world and our vital role in creating it.

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction or The Secret you will know that it’s now possible for us to change our life experience simply by changing our thinking. StillFlow explains exactly how to do this and then it helps go much, much further.

If you like, StillFlow teaches us how to play the game of life from a higher persepective based in an understanding of how energy interacts.  Ultimately learning to live the StillFlow way offers us the chance to cross a bridge from an old world where life simply happened to us to a new world where we are empowered to create our own life experience. The bridge takes us from an old way of thinking which continues to create the challenges and limitations we face in our lives to an entirely new level of being where we understand how limitation and suffering are created and can choose to release them at will.

StillFlow teaches a powerful intentional technique to Clear old programming, trauma and limiting beliefs to begin to reconnect to our true selves, to each other, to the living earth and the magic of a greater reality beyond.

StillFlow frees us to experience a more meaningful, magical, compassionate, connected life experience.

It begins with our Awakening from a deep sleep.

Whilst we slept we forgot who we are, what we are capable of and why we are here.

Now it’s time to remember.

“Freya’s work is incredibly powerful…I’m now moving forward with an ease and grace I never thought possible.

I feel liberated. Thank you!”

“Every conversation I have with Freya is an opportunity for greater realisation and freedom.”

“I don’t have the words to express how I feel, I’m just so glad to have been here.”

“It was a really empowering and healing experience. I left with a feeling of wholeness and seamlessness and self-acceptance that I had not experienced before.”

What is StillFlow?

StillFlow as a guide – to transforming our world whilst transforming ourselves. It shares a new way of being in the world which recognises our responsibility and opportunity as creators of our own reality. It allows us to make practical, everyday use of the understanding that everything is created from energy which responds to the way we think and the way we feel to live happier, healthier more meaningful lives.

It helps us identify old ways of thinking that no longer serve us and to release them along with any emotional baggage they may have helped us accumulate along the way. Once we do this we transform our relationship with ourselves, with others and with the world around us.  Life becomes richer and more meaningful. Challenges are seen as opportunities to recognise and let go of more and more of our accumulated limiting beliefs.

Ultimately as we come to live in alignment with the understanding of our role in an inter-connected world we are able to release ourselves from the artifice of what is described in spiritual terms as our ‘ego’ our false sense of who and what we are like, what we are and aren’t capable of and what is and isn’t possible. We come to understand that we are not simply the memory of who we have been in the past.

What we then reveal is our true self, our true nature, open and reconnected, feeling our experience deeply, meaningfully and magically beyond fear, beyond limit, beyond doubt…we are Awakened to our Greater Self.

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The Great Game

The Second part of my work involves sharing the experience which this Awakening allows us to enter into. I call it The Great Game because that is what it is. It is the greatest mystery of all.  It is almost impossible to describe the Great Game before it has been entered into. If you have already entered you will recognise my description of the experience I have now been exploring for decades.

StillFlow is in essence a preparation for participation in the Great Game. In addition to allowing us to transform our lives and to see how that transforms the world around us – it eventually allows us to see that the world is not as we had previously believed it to be. Things we once distinguished as facts, fiction and myth are not in fact separate at all. They are simply aspects of the Mystery that is The Great Game. I believe that eventually we will all enter the Great Game but some are being called earlier than others. It appears that in participating in the Great Game we have the potential to uncover the true nature of reality and in doing so, bring about the most incredible transformation ever in our life experience,  the evolution of humanity and the planet that gives us life itself.

To support those that wish to enter the Great Game and those that have already entered I have created an online group ‘Navigating The Great Game.’  If you feel called or are already participating and would like to share your experience with others click below to find out more.

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